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    About Us

    Custom Lawn Sprinkler Co. is professional, experienced and guarantees it's work! All systems are water efficient and professionally designed with head-to-head watering. We have designed many sports fields; including football, baseball, girls field hockey as well as other large turf areas! We have designed and installed irrigation systems for residential and commercial sites.

    Attention Landscapers, Builder's and Architects!
    • We offer designed and planned sprinkler systems prior to installation.
    • Our systems are designed with your needs in mind!
    • This will keep referrals coming and the high cost of replacing landscape materials to a minimum.
    • We will ensure that your landscaping will receive the water coverage it needs to keep it looking lush and beautiful!

    Other Clients
    1. Long Branch Public Schools- Long Branch, New Jersey
    2. Long Branch Housing Authority- Long Branch, New Jersey
    3. Ocean Township Public Schools- Ocean, New Jersey
    4. Monmouth University- West Long Branch, New Jersey
    5. Community Gardens- Long Branch, New Jersey
    6. Meridian Health Realty Corp.- Neptune, New Jersey
    7. Engineering and Professional Services- Red Bank, New Jersey
    8. Monmouth Commons Condominiums- Monmouth Beach, New Jersey
    9. Fort Monmouth Government- Fort Monmouth, New Jersey
    10. Many more available upon request