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    Get rid of those unsightly hoses cluttering your yard! Our sprinkler systems have the piping installed

below the ground. Let the irrigation system take care of watering your lawn and garden. The controller

will be programmed to turn on each zone of your sprinkler system at the right time and for the appropriate

amount of watering required.

    How about when in rains? Your irrigation system will turn off automatically when Custom Lawn Sprinkler Co.

installs a rain sensor to ensure that no over-watering occurs. When it rains the sensor shuts down the system and

allows it to operate once the soil has dried out.

    Custom Lawn Sprinkler Co. uses the best products on the market, the Rain Bird pop-up sprinklers retract when

 the watering cycle is complete.  This makes it safe to work and play on your lawn without any worries!