NJ State Irrigation License No.: 001663

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      Custom Lawn Sprinkler Co. is owned and operated by Joe Rosario and is a NJ State certified irrigation contractor. All sprinkler installations are owner operated, professionally designed with head to head watering and water efficient.
      An irrigation system will help your landscape increase in value. By maintaining your landscape and installing a good reliable irrigation system you'll see the value of your home increase. Installing a sprinkler system is an investment in your home. You will always get a return value when selling your home and therefore, a sprinkler system is only as good as the company you select to install your system!
      Our irrigation systems are professionally designed and installed at competitive rates to suit your specific needs. Custom Lawn Sprinkler Co. offers systems that are proven to be efficient and cost effective, providing regular watering when needed and altering levels of distribution depending on the weather conditions.
      We are an environmentally conscious company that believes in professionalism, prompt and courteous customer service. Most importantly, we feel that if you are number one then we are number one! Let us make your property something to be proud of! We'll take care of it, you enjoy it!